In order to achieve the highest watch making standard and to meet the high standard of systematic engineering tests, TIMETHIS ensures that every piece of watch are assembled and adjusted by watch making specialists in Chengdu.
A senior watch making specialist hand-fitted hundreds of pieces mechanical components together in a specific scheme and orientation with repeated adjustment and constant modified testing to make sure the un-mistakable high precision of movement and caliber. TIMETHIS watch is perfectly modified with a high-functional quality.
Before Assembly: The senior watchmaker will check all components (including the movement, watch case, watch dial, hands, etc) thoroughly before assembly taken place. An experienced watch making specialist hand-fitted every part of components into a perfect functional watch in an absolute clean and dust-free watch making workshop in order to ensure the entire assembling process being completed smoothly with no mistakable.
Adjustment of the Watch: Starting from the pocket watch making, adjustment process is known as "a dialogue to the soul." As the main core of mechanical movement which consists of numerous parts of small and tiny components in a complex structure. It attributes the whole adjustment process with fully uncertainties and complexity. But it also becomes a unique charm of the mechanical watches.