Vintage Design

We choose historical and meaningful traditional design elements from classic timepieces, and simply combines them with modern design to design Timethis watches. Based on the traditional classical design, A brand new modern classical design was given to every piece of Timethis watch. Timethis shows respect to every historical classical watch design, but never stops keeping innovating.

Every piece of Timethis watch is made under repeatedly inspections from an initial ceative design concept to the actual draft of watch design with considerations of aesthetic , structural and practical needs. In order to ensure that every single piece of timethis watch is developed and produced by following the most strictly european watch-making standard , every peice of work and procedures such as creative ideas, sketches, movement selections, structural composition to 3D deduction and 3D model printing test and so on must be fully considered.

1.According to the creative design draft of each watch, we will select the most appropriate movement to determine the actual diameter of the watch including the watch dial and the color of watch hands.Then a most appropriate craftsmanship will be applied.

2. Use an advanced 3D virtual wear effect together with the draft drawn through computer aided technology to choose the most optimal watch design version.

3. Make a watch prototype through 3D printing technology to determine the specific details of the structural design.