Brand Philosophy

Vintage-style design, High Quality Craftsmanship and fine movement are the way of "TIMETHIS" watchmaking. "TIMETHIS" focuses on manufacturing watches with classic appearance, excellent movement performance. The design inspiration of this work comes from the popular historical watches from 1930s to 1970s.


This all stems from the love of vintage styling watches.

In 2022, the brand "TIMETHIS" was founded by Mr. Tony Zhou in his hometown of Chengdu, as an vintage watch collector, he knew very well that during the explosion of Swiss watch industry in the 1930s-1970s, a lot of classic watch designs emerged. Tony Zhou is obsessed with this. However, due to the long history and rare pieces of watches been made, these works often appear in the auction market at a high price, which is difficult for collector to get. Therefore, Tony Zhou founded China's local watch brand "TIMETHIS" in Chengdu to explore the excellent design hidden by years and benefit from China's strong supply chain ability, so that more watch lovers can feel the watch art.

Chinese Brand name "昙时" (pinyin tán shí) means the reappearance of classic designs that have disappeared in the long History of watchmaking, "TIMETHIS" is inspired by the concept of "time stamp" in the programming language of the digital age, to express the idea of leaving a unique mark on the classic watch design.

Made in Chengdu

At present, "TIMETHIS" works are all designed and finally manufactured in Chengdu, China, we are very proud of them as a local watch brand in Chengdu. At present, we have set up offices or Representative Office in Chengdu, Hong Kong, Singapore, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main.We're happy to hear from watch lovers around the world - please contact us at info@timethis-watch.com and follow our official account on Instagram @timethis-Watch and WeChat Official Accounts @timethis_watch.